Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just some questions for the viewers...

So guys thanks for comming back again. I always appreciate it!

So I just wanted to ask some questions for you all to answer here we go:

Firstly, I wanted to know if there were any specific products or any products under a certain category you'd like me to review or talk about go ahead and ask for anything and I'll see what I can do to make it happen!

Secondly I've been so successful here with the blog if you didn't notice there are ad's around this page what those ad's do is let me generate money based on how awesome my viewers are(So far you guys are a 7.5/10 on the awesome scale.) I havent made a ton of money but I've made alot more than I expected! So I decided I'd give a portion of it to charity. I wanted to know what charities you donate to or which ones you think are really helping people it can be anything from the breast cancer association to the red cross or the video games for kids charity I don't care! I'm letting you guys decide!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Check out this blog!

Hey everyone thanks for returning to my blog!

I'd like to say I'm pleased with all the views and comments and as interesting as I am. I cant promise a post on a daily basis so while you're admiring my magnets head over to Daily Dose of Photography 

Daily Dose of Photography was made by a close friend and basically her blog is all about Photography! She's an awesome Photographer. I once tried to get her to make her Deviant Art active but she didnt really get into it... But now shes into blogging and tons of people have checked her out and she is totaly excited to see what everyone else thinks about her photos! She's feeling a bit under the weather today so go and leave her a get well message! I really really wanna see more photos from her so don't let me down guys! (Btw her camera is far more expensive than my... DS. Pfft It's not even a camera T.T)

TL;DR Like artistic photography? Go here. It's gonna be awesome.   Daily Dose of Photography

 Btw here's a little advetising for Zen Magnets. No I am not affiliated with them in anyway I just love their Magnets! (And so do you guys apparently!)
Love these things <3

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Logitech G930

So I'm here again for my first review. Today I'll be talking about the Logitech G930 wireless headset.
This is an absolutely spectacular headset I must say I'm really glad I bought these featuring Gaming Grade wireless connectivity, 7.1 Surround sound, 3 G-Keys on the side with volume control and some comfy cushions to keep your ears from hurting after long periods of gaming I gotta say this is by far the best (And the most expensive) Gaming Headset I have ever owned. So lets talk a bit about the headset itself.

As you can see above they're a nice charcoal black with a hint of red within the ear cushions they look as good as they sound. I would wear these outside. Which as it just so happens I already do. These go all the way into my backyard and front yard. I've already got my neighbors thinking Im totaly crazy because I'm often on vent with my clan outside when we're taking a break.

That's the microphone. Yes that is an electronic eye used to monitor me while I'm gaming when the apocalypse comes it will shoot a laser straight into my brain and kill me instantly. Thank Logitech I didn't want to be enslaved by the robots <3. Seriously though. *Ahem* When the Microphone is in the up-position like in the above a red light appears that tells you(Not that you can see this red light when you're wearing the headset) The Microphone is muted which is nifty if Im not using Push-To-Talk and Im about to sneeze I can toss it up and save my Clans ears from bleeding.

On that note the Microphone does not make any noise when moving it up and down however it doesn't move when I start head-banging to some music the Microphone also moves left and right to contour around your face.

Now if yo uread reviews about this headset on amazon or anywhere else you'll know by now that the Noise Cancelling Microphone doesnt cancel noise at all. It will only cancel noise when using the voice morphing software built into the control software for the headset. Is this a problem? Not at all I sound fine when talking on vent. My Clan mates don't complain about my microphone(And they complain if theres even a breeze in your headset) So I know its fine. I can hear my background noise when I test myself but overall I think its fine. This lack-of-feature doesnt break the headset or make it worth any less..... I just wish Logitech would talk about this issue and tell us if they're going to fix it.

 On the... Left! That's right I should know that. I'm a lefty afterall.
We have the G930's G-Keys. You can program these buttons to do whatever the hell you want. Button presses, Mouse clicks, Media controls and some other things. (The software does support third party plugins so you can develop your own commands if you have the skills)

At the lower half of the earcup we have a Mute button and the volume scroll and on the back side we have the power button and the Surround Sound toggle which lets you switch between 7.1 surround sound or regular stereo sound.(If you switch to stereo sound  members of your clan on vent can only be heard through the... right ear piece. Why? I have no idea. It's not been a problem since I leave surround sound on all the time.)

 So let's talk about the sound quality. The bass in this headset is excellent. It has some real thump to it. Here's my first reaction when I put my music on full blast for the first time with surround sound on "HOLY OH MY GOODNESS, YES, YES! MORE! OH MY GOODNESS MOOOORE!" Not joking. It's that good.

The battery life is around 6 hours with somthing playing all the time and charging time is about 2 hours.  The charger is on a small stand with the wires stretching about 3 feet and connects to the headset using this special little usb...thingy....(Some people have a way with words. I don't.) That I've seen on the Motorola droid. You get used to just popping it in without looking at the headset after a while.

Now after reading the post to myself I realize I sound like a total fanboy. I swear I'm not. Nor am I being paid by Logitech to make this review and just to settle your doubts I will now talk about all the weird kinks that the software has.

Firstly the Voice Morphing software is NOT made by Logitech. It's powered by Screaming Bee technology which if Im not mistaken is free. It offers you the ability to sound like a troll or a robot or a... Space squirrel. It's nothing special Space Squirrel is hilarious when you want to bitch somone out.  I wish they would have allowed for tone and pitch control but hey It's only a $150 USD good voice morphing software costs alot more.So it has lol worth ability but it's not something to buy the headset for.

I'm running Win7 x64 and when I plug the headset in it takes a few disconnects and reconnects before it starts to work(You dont have to pull it out it just does it itself) When I plug it in I hear the windows connecting chime then the disconnect chime then the reconenct chime again and this repeats a few times then finally the headset connects. I think it's really odd but another "Weird. But no big deal" thing.

So that's it for the review. Overall I think the Logitech G930 is a great wireless headset. Probably the best thing on the market right now. I'd definetly recommend this to anyone and everyone. If you have any questions leave a comment and I'll get back to you asap!

Btw, These are my Magnets. Behold.


Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hello I am Daemon! From this day forward I will be blogging about Gaming gear like Headsets, Controllers, Keyboards, Mice, and Speakers and I'll also be talking about online games!

      So, here's a little bit about me. I'm a guy who currently lives in Maryland I've spent the last few years traveling everywhere you can imagine from South East asia in the Philippines to the Windy City of Chicago in Illinois and even spent 10 hours in car heading to Toronto. Took a trip to Vietnam and saw the beaches and the city. My current gaming set up includes an Alienware M15x Notebook with an ATI 5850 and an i7 which model number eludes me... a Razer Mamba Wireless gaming mouse with a Razer Destructor mat under it and a Logitech G930. That's just what I've been limited to now because of all my traveling in a box somewhere around the world includes a Logitech G15, a Razer Lachesis and Death adder and tons of other gaming peripherals that would take far too much time to list off.

     I can already imagine by now some of you reading this are going "Oh jeez this guy owns an Alienware?" and I don't blame you I'd be one of those people who would tell other people to stay far away from alienware and just buy somthing with more power and less designer bag feel. It was a gift, an awesome gift at that and I wasnt going to turn it down.(I think it costs and extra 500 bucks just for the lighting system on it which is awesome if you like electronic music.)

    Now a bit about my gaming history, I originally started PC Gaming in 05' with the game Guild Wars for those of you who dont know what Guild wars is it's a totally instanced game with MMORPG elements. It's to me one of those games that will always have a place in my heart for kindling my interest in games and forever ruining my life. From there on I played Guild wars for about 3 years while I lived in the Philippines(Btw for anyone wondering NO I am not filipino.) then when I moved back home to Hawaii(Aww yeah thats right, 808 state.) I started playing every... single... MMORPG that ever came out. Not joking everytime announced a new MMO about to go into CBT or OBT I was on top of that like a fat kid on Haagen Daaz. Yes I have played WoW. No I do not think it is the best game around, but its certainly not the worst or close.

    Thats it for today, I hope to do more blogging soon and do my best to review games with an unbiased mentality and review the best in gaming gear.

Btw these are my magnets. Behold their awesomeness. (Yes I know the photo looks crappy the photo was taken really quick off my DSi)